Ányos Jedlik, a multi-talented Hungarian engineer was a major figure in the history of cars. Let us know why.


Francois Isaac de Rivaz!

Moving further with the evolution of cars, I would like to introduce a new face to you all – Francois Isaac de Rivaz. He was a Swedish inventor and created… Click ‘Read More’ to know more about him.

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Nicolas Joseph Cugnot!

Do you know who is the person named above? Definitely not. And that’s the reason I’m here, to tell you who he is. He is the inventor of the first ever automobile, Nicolas Joseph Cugnot! Click “Read More” to find out more about his life and the first ever automobile.

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Evolution of Cars!

Evolution of cars has not just brought prosperity to businessmen but has also brought comfort to our lives. Cars have become like our necessity. We cannot even think what would have happened if we didn’t have cars. Understanding how they work in today’s world could be quite difficult but we can surely check out the […]

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